Handwriting analysis slanting upward

These are lines that rise in the centre like a hump and then dip once again. This is characteristic of a methodical and well-balanced person with a healthy mind.

This will provide an idea of the professional performance. The shape that letters take in a writing reflect appearance, modals, the way the individual conducts himself, whether he does it softly or intensively, with reservation or expansion, nicely or not nicely, the culture and lifestyle.

Tends to repress aggression and projects this energy on himself, provoking tendencies to depression. They give a meaning to each one. If the overall handwriting goes in an upward slant, again, optimism is present.

Again, there are a wide variety of choices in the depression arena. That is why it is necessary to confirm with other signs.

Perceives the pressure of the environment as anguish. Inverted writing expresses repression, for whatever reason, the person fears, distrusts and is not able to free his tendencies. On the other hand, if the person is a stranger or we do not like this person, we keep our posture vertical.

There are eight graphical features analyzed by graphology. Inevitably, this is a person who loves art and nature. People like this make good use of their connections. Decision-making is complicated and initiative is limited.

Inclination or Slant is where letters are deviated to from the vertical edge. If the slant is right-angled at 90 degrees, it shows a selfish nature.

If lines are straight, the person has will power and determination. According to symbolism of space, Max Pulver affirms that in the act of writing, the individual describes himself: There are various forms of depression that are represented in a variety of ways.

Upper loops have the same golden ratios as lower loops.


The imposed written structures control conventional order. The vertical and horizontal dimension, the diameter, for proportional middle circles i. They get aggressive at the slightest provocation and have an intense nature.

What Does Your Handwriting Say About You?

Sometimes, we seek to establish a bond. Writing size represents the difference between inner and outer control of attention. Whatever slants rightwards indicates extroversion and tendencies for contact with others.

Very talkative, if they concentrate more on themselves, they can succeed easily. Other imposed patterns in writing represent relative group standards. Handwriting analysis says people who often get misunderstood are usually the left-slant writers. They hold back their emotions and react too little or too late unless provoked or pushed to the corner.

Handwriting Analysis Quick Reference Guide 1 Handwriting University’s Handwriting Analysis Quick Reference Guide for Beginners Empressé Publishing Revealed by a noticeable upward slant in the entire baseline and/or the cross bar on the letter t.

The higher the incline, the more optimistic she is. Mar 19,  · Next, examine the slant of the strokes—a right slant shows confidence, a left slant could mean a desire to hide emotions, and no slant could mean the person tries to keep emotions in check. Also, upward writing means optimism and downward writing could mean discouragement%(59).

Day 1 – Slant in Handwriting. Day 1 – Slant in Handwriting. Jordon Iconic March 6, Whoah, so far so good. I am so grateful that this is a free bit of handwriting analysis.

I have always wanted to study this. But I’m surprised that I am not showing introverted (backward slant) handwriting. Mine is small if printing but bigger.

Day 1 – Slant in Handwriting

Your complete handwriting analysis resource: free handwriting analysis trait dictionary, If the overall handwriting goes in an upward slant, again, optimism is present. There is no benefit to using one optimistic trait or the other.

Writing with an upward slanted baseline. allianceimmobilier39.com is a resource center for the study of handwriting analysis, graphology, and related personality assessment The writing slant is defined as an angle formed by the baseline and a line segment generated from an upstroke above the baseline.

The line segment is constructed from an initial point at the baseline intersection and.

Handwriting analysis slanting upward
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