Cyclone nargis in burma aid analysis

The international media and the Burmese-run journals have printed memorials and analyses of the political situation in Myanmar one year post-Nargis. Disclaimer Please address comments and questions to contact hurricanescience. Reports continued for months after on the situation left behind by Cyclone Nargis from international media.

They should come out in full force and help clean up the area and restore electricity. Fatalities are likely to rise both because of the extremely unsanitary conditions in the disaster area, and the slowness of the State Peace and Development Council SPDCthe Burmese military government, in getting assistance where it is most needed.

It is possible that this is already starting to happen. This situation persisted for two to three weeks until supplies started to arrive from outside the country and the humanitarian response stepped up a gear.

When asked what difficulties and restrictions his organisation faced in delivering aid in the Delta, Andrew Kirkwood responds that the biggest challenges Save the Children faces are logistical; the difficulties and dangers of reaching villages only by small boats, navigating the tides and the weather of the Delta.

Structural damage throughout Myanmar was extensive, causing over a million to become homeless after the event. The result of stunted aid and mismanagement of funds are thought to have contributed to worsened standards of living, disease, and a high number of deaths—all underestimated by the regime.

At the same time, well-meant gifts-in-kind from other governments began arriving without content descriptions. Similar features in the Gulf of Mexico were responsible for the rapid intensification of hurricanes Katrina and Rita in Prospects for Post-Cyclone Burma I.

Cyclone, disaster preparedness, rebuilding and reconstruction, tsunami INTRODUCTION Besides the many benefits of the ocean, population living in coastal regions is at risk for meteorological and seismic hazards that originate from the seas.

The Cyclone Tropical cyclones are powerful low pressure systems that form in the low latitude regions of the Indian Ocean; similar phenomena are known as typhoons in the western Pacific and hurricanes in the eastern Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.

Studies Point to Causes Other than Climate Change of Haiyan Typhoon

The international community, including the media and exiled Burmese, should be encouraging this rather than obstructing progress with misleading reports such as After the Storm.

If not, there is the possibility of a complete breakdown in the improvements. With the possibility of 1. As such, it needs to be built upon. The picture is certainly not perfect.

The storm moved inland, but remained along the coast of the Irrawaddy Delta, which prevented the rapid weakening traditionally exhibited by cyclones as they moved over land. Alexander Fraser, the British constructed a new city on a grid plan on delta land, bounded to the east by the Pazundaung Creek and to the south and west by the Yangon River.

Later that day, drier air became entrained in the cyclone and, as a result, its convection decreased and the cyclone weakened.

Although the SPDC has expanded armed forces manpower more than percent since and has allocated a large part of its budget to purchase weapons from abroad and build a new capital, Naypyidaw, kilometers north of Rangoon, it has invested little in health or social welfare.

International disapproval came harshly against the Myanmar government. He wrote this article for Japan Focus. In Novemberhowever, the Myanmar Microfinance Law was adopted to provide a framework for the licensing and operation of microfinance institutions in Myanmar.

Cyclone Nargis

Alongside such efforts, the UN began to pressure Burma to speed up the issuing of visas to foreign relief experts—dozens of whom continued to wait in Thailand. For Haiti, there are studies claiming that "urbanization in and migration into storm hazard prone areas could be considered as one of the major driving forces of its fragility" when affected by storms.

The Act proved problematic, however, as it required prior authorization from the respective police station. Moreover, the Los Angeles Times reported on May 10 that while little food or fresh water was reaching the cyclone victims, rice was being exported from the Thilawa container port south of Rangoon to Bangladesh, apparently in an effort to generate foreign exchange while world rice prices are high.

Disaster preparedness: lessons from cyclone Nargis

Measured in terms of global economic output, one study finds, increasing prosperity could cut storm-caused damage in half by the end of the century.

The changes have not been accepted by many Burmese who consider the junta unfit to make such changes, nor by many publications and news bureaus, including, most notably, the BBC and foreign nations including the United Kingdom and United States.

While a full-scale discussion of the letter is outside the scope of this short article, a look into it is an interesting exercise into the politics and emotions that arise from the divisions between the exiled communities in the Burmese diaspora and those who live in and can access Myanmar.

The Social, Political and Humanitarian Impact of Burma’s Cyclone Nargis Donald M. Seekins Summary This report provides background information and analysis concerning the humanitarian crisis caused by Cyclone Nargis when it passed through the densely populated Irrawaddy Delta and Burma’s largest city Rangoon (Yangon) on May UN News produces daily news content in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Kiswahili, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish, and weekly programmes in Hindi, Urdu and Bangla.

The Social, Political and Humanitarian Impact of Burma's Cyclone Nargis

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Download-Theses Mercredi 10 juin Disaster preparedness: lessons from cyclone Nargis The reluctance of the military junta to allow aid into Burma slowed down the response of aid agencies, and showed that without local capacity.

The high level of tension in these two cities has led to the temporary suspension of lifesaving humanitarian activities, with the exception of emergency health services. BBC Special Reports: Burma Cyclone, in-depth coverage, analysis and maps, plus audio and video.

Clickable map of Burma after Cyclone Nargis. Burmese anger. Anger at delays in aid reaching survivors. Images from Burma where some aid is beginning to arrive. Burma disaster.

Cyclone nargis in burma aid analysis
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